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Top ten ways to reach the homos

Let’s put our thinking caps on for “former practicing homosexual” and radio talk show host Stephen Bennett. He’s shilling this on his Straight Talk Radio web site.

I’m sure you all can suggest what a few of the ten most effective ways might be for the man to reach the homosexual after reading this:

But in most cases, they will tell me I was never “gay” in the first place. And I tell them, “Yeah, you go and ask my 100-plus partners how ‘gay’ I was not.” I was “gay.” Many homosexuals are in extreme denial, and I believe, again, that it’s based upon all the rejection they’ve experienced. So when someone tells them, “I’ve come out of the lifestyle,” they will just verbally attack you. One of my favorite analogies is that the thing a smoker hates the most is an ex-smoker. It’s the same situation with homosexuals.

Hat tip, Good As You (which is nominated for best LGBT blog in the 2006 Bloggies).

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding