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Virginia Governor Tim Kaine is being quite the weasel over his state’s awful marriage amendment. He’s got everyone confused now after his radio address today, in which he again stated his discomfort with the amendment’s language. (

In his first statewide radio address as governor the Democrat said that the amendment is flawed and needs fixing.

Speaking on the Virginia News Network Kaine said that he supports prohibiting same-sex marriage in Virginia but one provision in the proposal could destroy the right of all unmarried individuals to enter into personal, legally binding contracts.

However, look at these actual headlines on this same story and tell me exactly what Kaine’s position is…

Kaine Says Gay Marriage Amendment Needs Fixing

Kaine to oppose amendment; says it puts personal contracts at risk

Virginia Governor Issues Warning On Anti-Gay Amendment

I’m sure he likes it that way, hoping no one will corner him before he does his little counter to Bush’s SOTU address.

* Anti-gay Dem Tim Kaine tapped for response to SOTU
* Kaine: ‘not comfortable with language’ but will sign amendment anyway

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