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It's called 'acting,' you dumbf*cks

The Right is continuing to lose its cookies over openly gay actor Chad Allen portraying a Christian missionary in the End of the Spear (see my earlier post). The commentary on this is almost as stupid as the hysteria over Brokeback Mountain.

Look at the batsh*t nonsense from the homo-obsessed in the Toledo Blade (hat tip, Holly):

More than 150 ministers across the country have signed a letter of protest expressing “deep disappointment” in the producers of End of the Spear and vowing not to support the film because Chad Allen stars in the dual role of slain missionary Nate Saint and his adult son, Steve.

Christian station WLMB-TV (Channel 40) in Perrysburg pulled 30-second promotional ads for the evangelical film, which it had been airing for free.

“Given the publicity of Chad Allen’s activism and the intensity of his mission to normalize homosexuality … it is hard, if not impossible, to suspend belief and see him as a missionary martyr for the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Jamey Schmitz, the station’s CEO and general manager.

Mr. Allen, 31, told The Blade yesterday that he never wanted his sexual orientation to attract more attention than the movie and its message of faith, love, and acceptance.

My greatest hope would be that through the premiere, through all the advertising and promotion, that everybody would focus on the message of the movie and what it means to them,” Mr. Allen said from Los Angeles.

Chad Allen is showing a lot of class while dealing with all of this.

For the Christian TV station manager who cannot suspend his disbelief, did he think Anthony Hopkins was really eating human flesh in Silence of the Lambs? Or maybe he was one of the poor souls who thought Rock Hudson was actually straight. Idiot.

I’m sitting here eating my lunch and laughing at the Freepi as they hurl turds at one another. It’s interesting that some are speculating as to the percentage of homo actors in Hollywood — we have guesses at 10% and 20%, lol.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“I am not surprised. It’s not like the old days when John Wayne and Steve McQueen got the leading roles. You can’t ask whether a person is gay when you hire them for a movie role. You can figure that at least 10% of the roles played will be played by queers, because the number of gay people in acting is incredibly high. I hear the movie is great.”

“My wife has been looking forward to this film; I’ve actually seen one of these tribal members who on stage with the son at an event gave this testimony. But I have to agree w/ you. One wonders how the process of choosing the actors was ‘allowed’ to be such that this could even happen. For it is unlikely that readers of the Advocate and the Village Voice will swamp theaters to watch this film just b/c Chad is starring in it.”

“Allen made a gentleman’s agreement with Every Tribe Entertainment to not use his association with the film as a platform for promoting homosexual rights.”

“You know, it’s really sad when well-meaning Christians fall for poor logic. There is no way this gay activist should be playing this part. Obviously the movie has now morphed into being about gay issues instead of being about the story itself. Sometimes people can’t see what is right in front of them.”

“You can’t ask whether a person is gay when you hire them for a movie role.”

“They knew before they hired him.”

“It’s too bad. I would have enjoyed the movie. But, with things coming out, so to speak, as they have, I won’t spend one cent to see this. It looks like a hijacking to me.”

“Gathering a collection of five in Hollywood almost guarantees at least one gay.”

“But, shoving their agenda in my face almost guarantees that I won’t see their film, too.”

“Uh…hate to have to remind folks, but the homosexual community has been trying to legitimize it’s lifestyle as ‘Christian’, with an ever increasing effort. A ‘gay bishop’, homosexual congregations, etc. It would not surprise me if mr. (or ms.?) Allen wants to further ‘prove’ that one can be gay and Christian. Let’s see,… what other sin should not be a sin. :-/”

“Only people who obsess about homosexuality would see it otherwise, and one has to question why. Chad Allen is way, way off on thinking there are many paths to God, or whatever he was babbling in that interview, but I do know that no sinner – homosexual or not – ever was led to Christ by someone who hated him. Maybe we ought to try loving the sinner and hating his sin, instead of being the first to throw stones.”

“I don’t see you hating his sin. And apparently I do not define “hating the sinner” in the same way that you do. Read you Bible and see what you are supposed to do about people who profess to be a Christian yet live in sin. Then tell me if you find that response loving or unloving.”

“It’s a beautiful film…very emotionally wrenching. I had no idea that the fellow was gay…he’s an excellent actor.”

“That there is a gay actor in the film about missionaries is less than irrelevant. God is greater than one actor’s sin, and I trust Him to use this movie for good. Good grief, what if one of the actors in the Passion of the Christ was homosexual? Does that negate the worth of the entire movie? I think not. I wonder if some here have decided to see only those movies starring only actors who are more holy than they. Good luck with that.”

“Why is it relevant that a gay activist actor is in a film portraying a Christian missionary?”

“Because fans of Chad Allen can go to his website to be indoctrinated about gay activism. Imagine someone struggling with life and they decide to go online to this website because they admired Chad’s acting in a movie or TV show of his. Maybe they are effeminate or have same sex desires. They can easily be linked up with PFLAG and if they are in public school PFLAG or GLSEN will direct them to a gay club for advice. Chad Allen’s website has an address for fan mail or you can be put on his mailing list. He will send you info on gay pride events, etc. Does this all sound far fetched? Not when you are dealing with a gay activist.”

“Satan seems to be in control of that whole situation.”

“All they had to do was hire Kirk Cameron or Stephen Baldwin, give ;em a crew cut and call it a day. Now they have a very active sodomite who promotes sodomy as the star of the film. YES teens will look him up on the net. YES they will now be opening portans to a satanic world of homosexuality. The film will not get my money.”

“Who’s throwing stones? The guy is a sodomite and that is something that I don’t want my children exposed to, no matter WHAT the movie is supposed to be about!!!”

“No viewer, not even your children, would have any idea from seeing the movie that one of the actors is a homosexual. It’s not like a) Chad Allen’s going to attack them; or b) he could do it through the movie screen.”

“Do you keep your kids locked up in the house, too, so they never will come into contact with any sinners anywhere? Oops, I guess that means they couldn’t go to church, either.”

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