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Baptist Pastor Disapproves of Priest Blessing Waco’s New Hooters. Actually, the whole story is a hoot, um, pun intended. This restaurant opened to LONG lines of evil, boobie-and-chicken-wing-lovin’ heathens, so this pastor gave up his protest.

Earlier this week Hooters opened a restaurant in Waco, home to Baylor University. Greg Brumit, pastor of Kendrick Lane Baptist Church, led a petition drive and a number of protests in an effort to stop the business from locating in his city. Other area pastors and protesters got involved in the campaign to stop the construction on the eatery famous for its female servers’ low-cut tank tops and short-shorts.

Brumit: clearly frightened by the boobies.

Brumit says he was not surprised by a report in Baylor’s newspaper, The Lariat, which quoted a manager as saying that several of the university’s students work at Hooters. “Each individual student’s different there at Baylor. They’re not all Christians,” he notes. “Those students can choose to work where they want.” The pastor adds a note of suspicion. “I’m sure that Hooters was hoping for some Baylor girls to work there,” he says.

What did come as a surprise to Brumit, however, is the move on the part of a Catholic priest to bless the restaurant’s grand opening. The evening before the new Hooters opened, Monsignor Isidore Rozycki, head Catholic priest for the Greater Waco area, offered a special prayer of blessing for the restaurant at a VIP reception at the restaurant.

Kendrick Lane Baptist’s pastor says the incident was bizarre. “I would think with all the problems [the Catholics] have had that they wouldn’t promote something like that. I was a little disappointed,” he observes. “The Catholic priest that they had seemed to think that the rest of these ministers, about 60 who signed the letter of petition against Hooters opening, were a little narrow-minded,” Brumit continues. “But the Bible does say, ‘Narrow is the way’ to life, and wide is the road to destruction.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding