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Did I mention that James Blunt sucks? Posted by Picasa

Last week was kind of oldies week. Let’s see what happens, ‘kay?

Black Satin – Miles Davis
Spunky – Eels
Peel Me A Grape – Diana Krall
Heart Failed ( In The Back of A Taxi) – St Etienne
The Noise of Carpet – Stereolab
Summer – War
My Mathematical Mind – Spoon
Hiding All Away – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
So What – Miles Davis
Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody – Joni Mitchell

Someone at work gave me James Blunt’s CD, Back To Bedlam to listen to. When I asked what it was like, she said, “I had enough money to buy either this or the new Nada Surf…. I fucked up bad.”

Awful. Just awful. He is every bad sensitive poet you have ever heard rolled into one whiny package. Although I have to admit that track #4, Goodbye My Lover, did cause me to actually laugh out loud.

I’m just not sure that was the response he was going for.

…and the new Nada Surf is really good .

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