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Why did this young man put up with this crap?

Michael Guinn needs to wake up. Why did he go to this bible beating school in Arkansas? The 22-year-old gay man was told that he had to abide by separate, more stringent rules of conduct to attend school than the straight students. He was dismissed anyway when he violated the ridiculous, agreed-upon conditions.

John Brown University, a private Christian liberal arts university, requires students to agree to behavioral codes, including a promise not to smoke, drink, have sex outside of marriage or gamble while attending the school. Guinn said the administration asked him to adhere to additional behavioral codes not required of other students because he said he is gay and that he ultimately was dismissed from the university on the grounds that he violated that agreement.

Being a homo, even a Christian one, meant Guinn had to agree to the following (this is so ludicrous):

* not to dress in women’s clothing
* not slap other players on the rear end if he played sports
* not hug or shake hands with other men for too long
* not “broadcast” his lifestyle
* not tell other students he was gay until he got to know them well.

Also, a meeting was held every few weeks by the administration and Guinn had to dispel rumors brought before them or take heat for being “too flamboyant”. Eventually, however, Guinn slipped up and his online journal provided the ammo needed to get him booted.

Sometime before classes resumed earlier this month, an anonymous e-mail informed administrators of potentially offensive materials Guinn posted on Facebook, an Internet Web log site. Guinn said he posted pictures of himself in drag from before he attended the university but meant to post the pictures under a private setting that would allow only certain people to access them. Guinn said he mistakenly posted them in way that allowed access to anyone.

School administrators dismissed him from the university, but said he could return next semester, Guinn said.

When asked why Guinn was dismissed, Beers said, “We work redemptively with all students who struggle with behavior issues in their lives and we discipline students after we have credible, substantial and typically repeated evidence of violation of our Community Covenant.”

OK. Help me out here. Why is he able to return to campus next semester if everyone on campus knows he’s a big old homo?

Hat tips to Blenders Diamondark and Pop Renaissance.

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