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Trolling on the Blend

I’ve been getting deluged with emails from readers who are tired of dealing with a particular commenter. Some are not happy because they believe the comments represent trolling (posting purposefully inflammatory notes to spur arguments), others are simply tired of having to scroll past long diatribes of commentary that they feel is pointless and irrelevant.

In either case, a good number of folks have decided that they’d rather stop visiting the Blend than dealing with perceived trollish commenting.

On the other hand, some of the regulars here like debating trolls.

Personally, I skip over the comments that I find outlandishly inflammatory; my threshhold has been to only ban people that launch personal attacks at fellow commenters.

That said, my experiment is to put it to a vote, to take the temperature of folks out there regarding troll policy on the Blend.

Vote here.

You’re welcome to use the comments here to say how you voted and why.

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