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Towleroad: Interview with 'Brokeback' producer

Head over to Towleroad for a great chat with Brokeback Mountain producer James Schamus. I love this section where he discusses that f*ckwad Larry Miller, who wouldn’t allow Brokeback to be shown in his theatre.

Have you spoken with Larry Miller regarding his decision to drop Brokeback from his Utah megaplex?

No. In our book he’s just a bona fide creep. If for no other reason than we had a legal and binding agreement to screen the movie and he reneged on it. He has refused to speak with anybody publicly — certainly none of us — about his decision. But I find it hilarious that if you went to his movie theater to go see Brokeback Mountain you would have found a ticket available for the movie that he did screen which was Hostel. If that is some kind of moral response to our movie you can keep your morals! By the way, Hostel is a very entertaining film. Nothing wrong about that.

Do you feel that Larry Miller helped rather than hurt Brokeback?

No. Before he did what he did, we had already opened in Salt Lake on one screen and we did $40,000 on that screen. On one screen in Salt Lake. The bottom line is I am so thrilled that we’re not sharing any of the profits of this movie in Salt Lake City with that guy.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding