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Laurel Hester appears at meeting granting her last wish

It’s been a long, painful, hard road for Laurel Hester, but at last, she can leave her pension benefit to her partner. (

Ocean County freeholders officially ended months of anguish for a dying lesbian police officer on Wednesday and voted to allow Sgt. Laurel Hester’s death benefits to be given to her same-sex partner.

The move was not unexpected. On Saturday reported that freeholders had decided to reverse their position following a conference call between state GOP leaders from the county and freeholders.

One Republican lawmaker threatened to bring in legislation forcing the county to transfer the benefits if it did not act on its own.

Appearing weak, and breathing with the help of a machine, she said on a video tape that was played in the council chamber she feared partner Stacie Andree would lose the home they shared after Hester dies.

Wednesday Hester showed up at the freeholder’s meeting against the advice of her doctor. She was in a wheelchair and hooked up to any oxygen tank. A mask covered her face and hands.

…Following the vote in a voice barely audible Hester thanked the freeholders saying it “was democracy at its best.”

Hat tip, DBK of Blanton’s and Ashton‘s.

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