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'Ex-homo': Brokeback is the tip of the iceberg

So says the poster-child for the success of “ex-gay” therapy, Alan Chambers of Exodus Global Alliance, “an organization that includes the largest evangelical network of former homosexuals and that promotes the message to people struggling with unwanted same-sex desire that change from homosexuality is possible through the power of Jesus Christ.” The folks at AFA “news site” AgapePress have outdone themselves this time. The writing is a hoot.

But while Exodus is offering hope based on scriptural truth, the ministry leader contends that movies like the homosexual “romance” Brokeback Mountain are fostering confusion and desperation.

“They don’t point to the truth that homosexuality is a very difficult lifestyle,” Chambers says. “It’s one full of desperation and devastation and heartache. And the great thing is there are men and women who have overcome that lifestyle. That’s something I wish was more talked about in the mainstream media.”

It comes as no surprise to Chambers that the highly publicized film about two male sheepherders who meet and carry on an adulterous homosexual affair across 20 years has received four Golden Globes and was also named the Best Picture of 2005 by the Producers Guild of America. Brokeback Mountain is also being called a likely Oscar contender, and mainstream film critics have lavished the film with praise.

The president of Exodus Global Alliance expects the film — sometimes casually dubbed the “gay cowboy movie” in the press — will usher in similar homosexually-themed projects. He says Hollywood will doubtless continue to push the boundaries of decency, and “certainly, we’ll see movies that I think will cause Brokeback Mountain to pale in comparison to what might come down the pike.”

Alan is probably dreaming about what is coming down the pike for him. His tactic to combat the infiltration of the Homosexual AgendaTM into cinema (I take it he has no idea about gay porn, right?) is to ask Christians to only go see family-friendly films, and sending Hollywood a message that gay doesn’t pay.

Christians can and must fight back, Chambers asserts. “We in the evangelical community, the Christian community, even the pro-family community need to come out and support the movies that are family-friendly by going to see them,” he says. “And we need to tell Hollywood that we don’t want the others by sending the message that we’re not going to pay for this, and we’re not going to support it, and we’re not going to allow you to bring it into our communities.”

By the way, Alan says he “left the homosexual lifestyle” back in 1991, and is now married (poor woman; hopefully she is “ex-gay” as well), with kids.

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