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Perhaps he would like to experience a can of whoopass

Cincinnati City Councilman Sam Malone, a Repug that just wanted to “whip the black off of” his son, is on trial.

As I said when I first posted on this sorry-ass loser of a human being, I don’t think there’s a parenting book out there that would have helped Malone succeed at beating the melanin out of his 14-year-old son’s hide unless the belt had magical, Neverland properties.

Malone doesn’t deny hitting his son; lawyer claims that this was permissible corporal punishment. His 14-year-old son arrived at the hospital with belt-inflicted red welts covering his entire body. At one point during the beating, the boy told police he fell down, yet Malone continued to hit him.

“The law is very clear in the state of Ohio. The Ohio Constitution recognizes the right for a parent to discipline a child in a reasonable and prudent fashion,” Arenstein said. “Physical harm is not enough” to charge a parent with domestic violence.

There are three exceptions. To prove domestic violence, prosecutors must show death could have resulted, that there was substantial pain or there was serious physical harm.

None of those three exceptions applies to this case, Arenstein said. “We won’t deny Mr. Malone disciplined his child,” he said. “The only thing (Malone) is guilty of is tough love,” Arenstein said.

This bullsh*t doesn’t sound like “tough love.”

In the year before Malone’s arrest, the teen said he and his father had had a rocky relationship because he was failing eighth grade. Then the boy missed the checkpoint, prompting his teacher to call Malone. Malone’s son testified that Malone was angry and told him to go upstairs and take his clothes off.

“He started whipping me with a belt, he had it wrapped double on his hand,” the teenager said. “He kept on hitting me, and I fell over, and he kept on hitting me.”

Asked by Murray to demonstrate how he tried to defend against the blows, the teen crossed his arms against his chest and tucked his head down.

“I was in pain, crying,” the teenager said. “He hit me all over, on my back, arms, side, stomach, chest and my legs.”

Hat tip, Holly.

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