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Immigration vs. Invasion

WingNutDaily addressed the immigration dilemma in style yesterday AM (screenshot)…

The graphic referred to in the last item is actually quite interesting, despite the freakout WND headline. For them the browning of America is the most frightening aspect of illegal immigration. Hmmm. No surprise there.

Neither party really wants to tackle this issue, btw. Business interests love the cheap labor, Dems are afraid of appearing racist in addressing the problem, and consumers take for granted the cheaper prices of goods and services produced on the backs of undocumented immigrant labor. I should qualify that — elected officials in the border states, Dem and Republican, don’t have their heads in the sand — it’s a crisis for them, and they are getting no real solutions out of Washington.

What complicates the issue is how to equitably handle the situation of those who have taken the time and effort to be here legally. That process is woefully bogged down, with so many people in green card queues that the backlog will take years for the government to address. Clearly any process that remotely smacks of amnesty for undocumented workers is a slap in the face of those following the rules to be here.

On the other hand, folks are streaming over the border because there isn’t an incentive to stop coming here; businesses are more than happy to pay these folks a fraction of the prevailing wage under the table (it’s more than they can make in their home country), driving overall wages down. OSHA safety standards? Ha. And health care for undocumented workers is often handled by trips to the emergency room.

This means the taxpayer is really shelling out for this in the most expensive ways possible because too many constituencies want to remain in denial that we have an underground economic engine chugging along on the backs of people who officially “don’t exist.”

It’s a big mess. Efforts like the one below certainly don’t help; they only provide a look at how immigration is splitting the GOP — and the Dems aren’t positioned to take advantage of it, of course.


Charlotte will be graced by the presence of batsh*t crazy wingers Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) and Rethug tool Bay Buchanan on January 30.

They will be stopping here as part of their “Secure America (from the Mexicans) Now” tour. From the seriously low-end web site, this announcement from Bay:

We will be traveling in a Winnebago and going into small towns and large cities meeting with as many people as possible and using the media to get the message to thousands of others. I am certain Americans will join this cause if we can just get the word out.

Please join us on the road if you can, and if you have a Winnebago, come drive us through your state! We are counting on volunteers to make this tour successful. And if you can’t join us, keep an eye on our website and follow our progress. We will be reporting in every day we’re on the road.

Also we need your help to keep the Tour wheels rolling. We are using volunteers and will be eating a whole lot of hamburgers so if you could help pay for some of the gas with a contribution of $12.50 we would be really appreciative.

Please e-mail me directly if you can help with a Winnebago or if you can join the Tour.

Actual marketing shill for Team America Minuteman T-Shirts (“100% Made in the USA By Americans for Americans” screams the slogan): Team America custom designed these quality t-shirts to bring with us when we traveled to Tombstone, Arizona to support the Minuteman Project. We have a limited supply remaining. Please send in your orders as soon as possible…First come – first served!

Team America Pac is harsh on NC’s pro-business/pro-undocumented worker-exploiting Senate tag team of Empty Wig Dole and Richard Pharma-boy Burr.

Unfortunately, Senators Burr and Dole have been leaning towards supporting a Guest Worker Amnesty which is favored by many corporate Political Action Committees. The US Senate is expected to try and insert guest worker amnesty language into a bill soon.

Dole and Burr’s positions are out of line with North Carolina voters in a state where benefits and rewards for illegal aliens are opposed by over 80% of the population in numerous polls. Concerns about illegal immigration have risen to a top issue in NC after at least 6 people were killed or maimed by drunk driving illegal aliens in the second half of 2005.

* There’s dumb, dumber, and then there’s Tom Tancredo

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