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'Hutch' is at it again

Pastor Urges Microsoft Stock Buy-And-Dump. Well this is a nice tactic to win friends over to the batsh*t crazy crowd. Rev. Ken Hutcherson is so riled up at the homos, that he wants to wreck the software giant for backing the addition of “sexual orientation” to Washington state’s law that bans discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability, religion and marital status.

Maybe Ken really does want to run on Linux…(AP):

A pastor who threatened a national boycott against Microsoft and other major corporations for endorsing a gay rights bill urged supporters Tuesday to buy up the companies’ stock and dump it to drive prices down.

Graphic: Mike Tidmus

Rev. Ken Hutcherson, pastor of Antioch Bible Church in the Seattle suburb of Redmond, said the stock-dumping plan had been part of his strategy all along. “You got to find out how you affect a company,” Hutcherson said, conceding that it would be hard to get people to shun products from companies that dominate the marketplace as Microsoft and Boeing do.

He wants supporters to buy one or two shares over the next few months, then sell them May 1.

…Experts said the pastor’s plan has no chance of hurting the stock price of a company such as Microsoft.

Hutcherson is a nutcase. He’s also author of the entertaining The Safety of Natural Order, Same-Sex “Marriage” is an Injustice to Children.

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