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Don Dwyer's constituent services

You might recall that I consider my Senator, Elizabeth Dole, to have the worst constituent services ever (see my post “Empty letter from the Empty Wig“).

Blender Laura H. decided to email her state representative, anti-gay MD Delegate Don Dwyer (R-Anne Arundel). His priority is to “protect marriage” and he has attended rallies to defend “our families, our children and our civil society” from the homos. Dwyer makes it clear where he stands by affiliating with nice outreach projects like, which is “committed to not remain silent as the homosexual agenda attempts to overtake the laws and social order of Maryland.”

The hearing on Maryland’s Marriage Protection Act (HB 48) is Tuesday 1/31/2006, so Laura wanted to express her concerns.

From: Laura H.
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 11:22 AM
Subject: Marriage Amendment

Please give me ONE good example of a gay marriage hurting a straight couple’s marriage. I think the divorce rate is testament enough that straight couples do a good job themselves of ruining a marriage.

Why do you feel the need to have a Marriage Amendment when Maryland law already states that a marriage is between a man and a woman? Are you that much of a homophobe? Do gay people scare you or something? Please tell me how gay people hurt you and your family? Do you know that most scientists agree that you are born gay and that it is not a choice? If that is the case then God made gay people that way! Please don’t quote the bible either, because it was man who wrote the bible and man is fallible. Besides if the bible was made to be followed, then why would MAN re-write parts to make the New Testament, so it benefits himself? One day it is you who is going to be standing in front of the Lord and he is going to ask you why you hated so many people for NO GOOD REASON!!!

Laura H.

Two months later, she received an email from a Dwyer staffer, Caleb Griffin.

From: Delegate Don Dwyer
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 2:03 PM
To: Laura H.
Subject: RE: Marriage Amendment

The Constitutional Amendment Delegate Dwyer proposes simply allows the issue to go before the public for a vote. If Marylanders are in favor of same-sex marriage, the vote will reflect that and the Amendment will die. It is not hatred but democracy that motivates the Amendment.

In regards to social consequences of same-sex marriage, we refer you to the following two articles. You’ll find many common arguments against and objections to gay marriage, including how gay marriage can hurt traditional marriage.

Caleb Griffin
Legislative Aide
Delegate Don H. Dwyer, Jr.
31st District

As Don’s stand-in, one might want to know a little more about Caleb. He’s apparently a big wig at DefendMarylandMarriage, and thus he is an expert on same-sex marriage. He’s the author of the document at the second link that he provided to Laura in his response for Dwyer. This page is full of bogus science and outlandish statements like this…

In America, the debate has just started. If we were to legalize same-sex marriage now, or even pass half-way measures, the ensuing cultural changes would be devastating. Can the nation that is already the world leader in divorce afford the further weakening of its social standards? Can we afford to adopt a new culture that celebrates single parent homes and unmarried cohabitation as more “timely” or appropriate than the traditional family? Without the Church as a cultural check, what would the new America look like?

…Our liberties should never be extended so far as to infringe on the rights of others, particularly those most vulnerable among us – our children. Should our clamor for appeasement drown out the needs of our society and the needs of our children? Despite the images we see on television and film, the evidence is abundant that homosexuality is a dangerous behavior. When we love each other in healthful ways, everyone wins. The Church’s stand against homosexuality is not one of hatred and prejudice. It is one of hope and love…God doesn’t hate people; He only hates the things that kill people.

And what about this section, “America At Risk”? Somehow he drifts from gay marriage into a discussion of the fall of the U.S. because of the urban darkies.

America is at risk because we have a large class of urban poor. In industrialized nations, the urban underclass has higher out-of-wedlock birthrates than the general public. We are particularly vulnerable to the potential effects of same-sex marriage because our current welfare state would be unable to support the likely increase in out-of-wedlock births among our poor. Scandinavia has no class of urban poor, however Great Britain does.

I think Laura should write Delegate Dwyer again, and ask him why he has someone like Caleb Griffin speaking on his behalf. Ah, never mind. This guy is a complete asswipe, Laura. Work hard to get Don and his boy Caleb out of office.

Phone: 410-841-3298
District Office 410-768-094

Bonus: Angry atheists pelt Don with emails

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