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Banning the pro-choice poinsettia

Hartline is concerned that buying this plant will result in assault on the “pre-born.”

Will American Family Association start a boycott of poinsettias now? Its faux-news organ, AgapePress, is reporting that bizarre “ex-gay” fundie James Hartline has uncovered an unholy bankroller of Planned Parenthood — Ecke Ranch, a poinsettia farm in California. He’s on the case, to warn churches not to buy any of those wicked plants during the next “Christ in Christmas” holiday.

A Christian activist in California says Christians need to know that a major producer of poinsettias for the U.S. is also a major supporter of Planned Parenthood. James Hartline says it is no secret in the San Diego area that the Ecke family has long supported abortion financially. But according to Hartline, many churchgoers across the country do not know that the Eckes produce about 70 percent of all the poinsettias sold in the U.S.

During the holiday season nearly every church in America — tens of thousands of churches — are full of poinsettias,” he observes. And there’s a good possibility that those poinsettias are coming from Ecke Ranch [in Encinitas].” To those who might question how the purchase of poinsettias ties in with support abortion support, Hartline has this response: “[T]hink about the profit in the tens and tens of millions [from the sale of poinsettias], and … look at how much money the Eckes are pouring into Planned Parenthood, which is hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding