Blow it out your ass, Special Ed

Special Ed (aka Captain Cubicle) is one big puss:

The Left doesn’t want people to hear what conservatives have to say, perhaps knowing that they have been intellectually outclassed and proven disastrously wrong by history and current events. Instead, they issue mindless attacks, childish insults, and do everything possible to keep people from having access to conservative thought.

That’s not the actions of people who have confidence in themselves. Those are the actions of a fearful, small-minded, vulgar group of Neanderthals who have suddenly seen Homo sapiens and realized that their days are numbered. These mouthbreathers cannot offer any new ideas, so instead of trying to compete with conservatives, they’re busy with the electronic equivalent of sticking their fingers into their ears and shouting, “LA-LA-LA-LA, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU!!” as loudly as possible.

In short, the Left consists of ill-educated, ill-mannered children.

Well, at least he didn’t call us ‘poopyheads’. That would have been a childish insult as opposed to “Neanderthals” and “mouthbreathers” which are the exclusive terms of the most influential call center manager in the Western Hemisphere

And I mean that with all of the respect I can summon up for middle-aged men who are call center managers.

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