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Gee, who is the gay 'top Bush aide'?

The New York Daily News sheds some light on what kind of spinning is done at the White House — closet control. There are plenty of aides that probably need a gay damage control specialist.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is importing Bush-Cheney political A-teamers to try to salvage his stumbling campaign.

The California governor has hired Steve Schmidt, Vice President Cheney’s top strategist and spokesman…Schmidt is a formidable political pugilist whose battles range from taking on Democrats over the Supreme Court nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito to killing Internet rumors accusing a top Bush aide of being gay.

Hat tip, AmericaBlog


In other, possibly related news…

Mehlman outed on MSNBC — and they censor the transcript

The problem isn’t that Rachell Maddow outs the RNC chairman and Bush strategist on Tucker Carlson’s show, it’s that MSNBC feels the need to edit its transcript. Gee, is Kenny Boy so precious and delicate that a newschannel feels the need to censor this? That’s offensive. Crooks and Liars has the video.

Here’s Ken showing some hot moves last year in a DC bar with a chick (one in a series of pix on Capitol Buzz), quashing all those rumors, of course.

Hat tip to DKos diarist Mike Stark.

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