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Canada goes to the polls today

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Good luck, friends to the North. Stephen Harper is about 10 points ahead in the polls. (

The polls leading up to election day point to a win by Conservative Leader Stephen Harper. It won’t be clear until late this evening whether those results will prove true. Either way, it appears as if we are headed for another minority government.

Buoyed by the promising poll number, Harper spent his final day of campaigning urging Canadians to vote for a change. He opened the day in Liberal Leader Paul Martin’s hometown of Windsor, Ont., before heading west, and picked up on his familiar theme of Liberal “corruption.”

The Christian Science Monitor has this interesting observation.

Perhaps the most dramatic campaign story has unfolded in Quebec, where Conservatives failed to win a single seat in the last election. According to a recent poll, the Conservatives’ leader, Stephen Harper, is more popular in Quebec than he is in his home province of Alberta, the most conservative region in the country.

“That’s like saying George Bush has higher positives [ratings] in Massachusetts than in the state of Texas,” says Tim Woolstencroft, managing partner with Strategic Counsel, the Toronto firm that conducted the poll. “It’s stunning.” Nationwide, Mr. Harper’s favorable rating is over 50 percent.

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