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Brilliant Alito ad released by NBJC

[UPDATE: Welcome, Raw Story readers. I’ve added Freeper reaction to this ad at the end of the post…]

This is a slam dunk ad on Alito by the National Black Justice Coalition. It will be published in black newspapers in Baltimore and Washington, and in Roll Call, the Congressional newspaper.

NBJC Director of Religious Affairs Dr. Sylvia Rhue noted that “Forty years ago, opponents of interracial marriage cited the Bible to justify their discrimination. Today, opponents of same-gender marriage cite the Bible to justify their discrimination.”

There’s nothing like turning the tables on the wingers, especially Clarence Thomas — the ad asks, “Offense Before God?” I converted the ad to text to post (click here for the PDF).

Offense Before God?

Clarence Thomas and Wife Virginia

Before 1967, laws would not allow Clarence Thomas, a black man, to marry his wife Virginia, a white woman. Opponents of interracial marriage cited the Bible to justify this discrimination.

In 2006, laws do not allow two men or two women to marry each other. Opponents of same-sex marriage cite the Bible to justify this discrimination.

Using Religion To Justify Discrimination Is The Real Offense Before God.

In 1967, the Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virginia that laws against interracial marriage were unconstitutional.

We wonder: If Clarence Thomas had been on the Court in 1967, how would he have voted?

We wonder: If Samuel Alito had been on the Court in 1967, how would he have voted?

Today, America is faced with the challenge of how to treat a group of its citizens fairly. We’ve been down this road before. We can’t allow powerful people to use religion to justify their bigotry. It wasn’t right for African Americans, and it’s not right for gays and lesbians.

In America, the framers of our Constitution created a separation of church and state for a good reason: to protect minorities.

Don’t turn back the clock. Let’s protect our Constitution.

Of course, the larger question, even with this meaningful ad campaign, is whether the Democrats are going to do anything about the Alito nomination at this point? Sigh.

Contact your Dem Senators and tell them the filibuster shouldn’t be off the table.


Well, well, the knuckle-draggers in Freeperville don’t like the ad for some reason. Read some of the deranged comments.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

This ad is absolutely reprehensible. Justice Thomas and his wife deserve so much better than this. So much for the left being the party of tolerance!

There are people who just can’t get over Justice Thomas’ white wife. They should be taken out and flogged in the streets.

Total apples and oranges, interracial marriages and gay “rights.”

American Blacks sink lower and lower each day that goes by. Hispanics and Asian are blowing right by them as they continue to wallow in racism and hate. Problem is, they can’t even see the trees for the forest. Fifty years from today, unless they get real, they will be in the same straits they have been in for the past fifty years as slaves of the Democrat Party. What fools!!!

I feel so bad for all the decent, smart, God loving people who are black and who have leaders who are dragging them down into racism. There’s so many who are hurt by the few who carry on like this.

I fail to see the logic. Are they accusing Justice Clarence Thomas of miscegenation? Black people, for the most part, are Christians, so accusing Alito of being a Christian isn’t going to fly very far, either. This ad campaign should be about as effective as hitting yourself over the head with a hammer. You would need to be a twisted fanatic to understand what the hell they are talking about.

So, are we going to let ther racists and fags take the country? I think not.

They think this is a “teachable moment”, eh? Well, maybe someone should take a moment to teach them that the black community doesn’t equate homosexuality with race as a civil rights issue.

We keep seeing evidence of the black racism, and yet no one will point it out….because, it is not possible, in some people’s eyes…Besides, Thomas wouldn’t have had to worry about making that decision about whites/black marrying —he wouldn’t have been on the Supreme Court….which shows how far black people have come in the Republicans eyes…

I’m going to wait for the rebuttal ad from The National White Justice Coalition. LOL

Blacks who support gay marriage? You can count them all on one hand. What a joke.

Technically, all humans are of the same race. It’s nothing but skin color. So basically, they’re ACTUALLY saying that they want to equate the marriage of two homosexuals to the marriage of a man and a woman. Which is bogus. Homosexual Agenda/Moral Absolutes double-ping!

Clarence and Virginia Thomas may be of different color, but they are MAN and WOMAN.

I think the matter is complicated. It’s possible, for instance, that there is actually a higher percentage of black homosexuals than white homosexuals, because one probable cause of homosexuality is broken families and absent fathers. But actual homosexuals are only a few percent of either the black or white populations. What matters more is large numbers of politically correct fanatics who support homosexuality as a way to destroy traditional values. In that regard, there are far more white supporters of homosexuality, maybe something like a third of the white population. The black community as a whole does NOT support issues like gay marriage, and is more conservative as a whole than the white community on such issues.

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