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What a good wife you would be.

Yeah. I can do sad.
Give me a minute to get into character…
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Mitt Romney mounts the body of an 11 year-old girl in an effort to get a little pre-Presidential run traction:

The governor of Massachusetts has ordered an investigation into whether the state repeatedly failed a brain-damaged 11-year-old girl, long before she became the center of a right-to-die struggle.
Governor Mitt Romney says “errors in judgment were made” in the state’s handling of Haleigh Poutre. Her adoptive mother and stepfather allegedly beat her into a coma last September.

The state commission will go through the girl’s ten-year-old case log and look into whether case workers missed signs of abuse before the beating.

Cue Mitt looking concerned.

Cue Bill Frist cursing himself for prematurely blowing his Presidential wad on Terri Schiavo.

Timing is everything they say…

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