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Rent boy a-go-go across the pond

I think this man has a future in American politics! How about this story in Britain’s News of the World:

LIB-DEM leadership challenger Mark Oaten has been leading a sordid secret double life — sneaking off from Parliament to pay rent boys for three-in-a-bed sex.

And the News of the World can reveal insiders are convinced THAT is the real reason the married dad of two suddenly pulled out of the race for his party’s top job this week. Following our shock investigation the shamed high-flyer last night quit as the Liberal Democrats’ home affairs spokesman.

One young male prostitute told us: “Oaten was a regular punter for six months. He loved gay sex and humiliation. “It was a huge turn-on for him. He couldn’t get enough. He’s a very troubled man living a very dangerous double life.”

The news will stun his party, already reeling from leader Charles Kennedy being forced to quit over his secret drinking AND yesterday’s revelation that House of Lords Lib Dem leader Tom McNally was also an alcoholic.

This story is chock full of sordid details from the twenty-something rent boy, who received regular calls “for service” from Oaten. Hey, maybe the rent boy has a future in journalism — just like Bulldog Gannon…

The cherry on top, of course, is the hypocrisy. Good grief, Oaten must be getting training from some of our residents of the Conservative Values Monitor — and he isn’t even conservative…

The scandal exposes Oaten as a hypocrite. Last year he CONDEMNED a judge who was sacked for hiring rent boys. And he has no qualms about using family values to further his career. His website boasts he is a family man who lives with them in his constituency.

The BBC has more.

Hat tip Holly.

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