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Fred Phelps and the fag-infested hell-hole known as West Virginia

It’s a great laugh-fest over at DKos and Carnacki’s blog today.

The latest from the Rotting CryptkeeperTM is hilarious. Fred has decided that West Virginia, of all states, is the center of the fag-damnation universe. He says it is “by far the worst.”

Does Fred know about some party district up in the West Virginia mountains that Damron hasn’t heard about? He thinks it’s even more sodomite-loving and filthy than The Castro, Greenwich Village or the den of sin where Bush said he partied hard in his “former” wild days, the French Quarter of NOLA.

Carnaki decided to write an open letter to the homo-fixated “minister.” A snippet:

I take pride in the fact that of all the places you’ve picketed, the worst “by far” reception you ever received is in West Virginia. And yes, we are blood-thirsty thugs. Keep that in mind when you mess with one West Virginian, you mess with the entire fucking tribe.

…Phelps, keep in mind what you wrote about West Virginians. You looking for wrath, you just might find it. The people in coal country are not people to mess — even when you’ve got field artillery and the U.S. Army behind you as people found out in the Coal Mine Wars of the 1920s.

I believe God is loving and merciful.

But you fuck with West Virginians at your own risk.

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