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Florida bible-beaters wringing hands over lack of signatures for amendment

The drive to get enough folks to sign a petition for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage is failing miserably. Nice to see the incredible overreaching. (Baptist Press):

Barring an incredible effort by Florida churches in the final days of January, a signature drive for a constitutional marriage amendment there appears likely to fail.

Needing 611,000 valid signatures to place an amendment on the November ballot, the effort in Florida thus far has only 220,000, according to figures posted on the Florida Department of State website. Conservatives say the effort still can succeed, but not unless pastors take the lead by getting their members to sign the petitions, which are available for downloading at The petitions must be delivered to the local county’s supervisor of elections by Tuesday, Jan. 31.

…”As much as we have tried to get our churches co-engaged with this project â€? it’s been difficult,” Bill Bunkley, legislative consultant with the Florida Baptist Convention, told BP.

Here’s my favorite part. He blames the lack of success on the hurricanes and the holidays — you know the “put the Christ back in Christmas” holiday. And as far as the hurricanes go, was this a sign from God that they were not supposed to succeeed? Just asking.

Conservatives, Bunkley said, have battled a number of distractions, including hurricanes and the busy seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas. He also said that the late date for the Florida Baptist State Convention — it took place in mid-November — gave Baptists little time to gain momentum before the petition deadline.

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Pam Spaulding