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Another perverted pastor

Paulk believes little things like marital fidelity were for “the little ones…commoners.”

Bishop Earl Paulk has a special interpretation of the scriptures that seems to involve a lot of extramarital sex. The leader of Chapel Hill Harvester Church in Decatur, GA is being sued by Mona Brewer, a former member of the church, charging sexual misconduct and acts of sexual coercion.

Read and decide.

DAVID MATTINGLY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Mona says she came to view Paulk, a married father and grandfather, as a holy messenger of the lord selected by God to speak for the almighty. And, over time, Bishop Paulk’s church became her life. Mona became a teacher in the church school, a soloist in the church choir. And, at age 27, she even married an associate church pastor, a union blessed by Paulk himself, a man she believed so close to God that his words could never be questioned.

BREWER: There were signs on the walls at the church. They didn’t put scriptures on the wall. They put his sayings, his quotations. And one of them was, “The kingdom of God is built in trust.” And we were taught that we were to trust our spiritual authority, and we were taught not to question it.

MATTINGLY: She says this man she respected so much, it turns out, had been moved by her singing and wanted to take her to a higher level of ministry…But Mona was about to get something she never expected. She says, in her next few meetings with Paulk, his plans for her became shockingly clear.

BREWER: He said, well, I guess you will just have to take your clothes off, because I’m going to have to love you. Whoa. And I thought, oh, God. You know, I didn’t want to do it, but what choice did I have? I mean, I have been taught for all these years not to question him. And I had this word from God. I mean, God obviously wanted me to do this.

And it was so foreign to me, but I — I didn’t know what else to do. I was on the spot. So, I took off my clothes, and we did it.

…MATTINGLY: The liaisons continued, she says, and became frequent. She says that Paulk used the scriptures to justify the seemingly unholy behavior, claiming that God had elevated him above the sin of adultery.

BREWER: Because he said, you know, the adultery issue was for the little ones. It was for the — the people, the, you know, commoners. It wasn’t for people who God elevated and trusted with special things like this, relationships like this. And that’s the way he explained it to me.

This went on for 14 years. One of the other “holy engagements” Paulk convinced Brewer to participate in was to provide sexual hospitality to other visiting charismatic preachers as well as Paulk’s family members. Nice.

Paulk also secretly had others watching while they had sex. Cindy Hall, another church member was instructed to watch, and then “take her turn” after he was through with Brewer. Hall has given a deposition for Brewer’s lawsuit.

The pious Paulk says it’s libel and slander, and told CNN that “It would be interesting to see what percentage of viewers would buy into this beautiful 40-year-old woman’s preposterous sex fantasy.”

And this isn’t the first time he’s been in trouble either, despite his protests of innocence and fantasy on Brewer’s part. In 2001, another female church member sued him, claiming the bishop sexually molested her when she was a child and as a teenager. That suit was settled out of court in 2003.

After leaders of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches (ICCC) caught wind of this current nonsense, the body asked Paulk to step down from his position as archbishop last October, he then offered up his resignation.

The full transcript is here.

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