Consider yourself warned

This week might be an iffy blogging week with a ton of stuff on my plate. The lovely and talented Casey goes under the knife (ACL surgery for those who just tuned in) on Wednesday, preceded by the caring and nurturing mrs tbogg returning home on Tuesday and staying for the rest of the week to care and nurture the aforementioned LAT Casey. I, on the other hand, have been tasked with picking out a new computer and assorted peripherals for the aforementioned mrs tbogg’s lovely pied-a-terre in the SB (as the kids call it) where I will spend next weekend installing, setting-up, and cursing.

Then there is my court appearance on Friday afternoon as part of a lawsuit against a neighbor. My attorney has been coaching me on the finer points of refraining from referring to the fucking aforementioned neighbor as a “lying motherfucker” and “the kind of shit that shit would shit if shit shit”. This kind of invaluable legal advice runs $300 an hour these days.

Oh for the days when you could have somebody kneecapped for a couple of hundred bucks and a cannoli.

Good times…good times.

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