I guess you had to be there

Two conservatives walk into a bar and one of them tries to describe the funny thing that he saw on TV:

The first skit on Saturday Night Live last night was a fake “Anderson Cooper 360” satirizing Ray Nagin (by Finesse Mitchell), Jesse Jackson (by Darrell Hammond) , and Hillary Clinton (by Amy Poehler). Cooper was played by a guy who seems a lot like Ben Stiller. It was not politically correct. “Jackson” was saying we need more flavors on the national “dessert cart,” not just chocolate or vanilla, but some “caramel” to represent Latinos and “custard” to represent the Asians. “And the dessert cart….rolls on,” he sermonized.

Color me biased, but the funniest part was the Hillary “plantation” discussion. “I was pandering,” the ersatz senator explained. She would have used other evil metaphors for other constituencies. To a Latino audience, she claimed, she would have said Congress operated “like a landscaping business.” For gays, Congress was like “a figure skating coach.” For whites, Congress is a “mismanaged hedge fund.”

I’m sure it was a real knee-slapper, Tim.

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