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Meanwhile, in other Miss America news (see below), Miss Nevada turns out to be a real braintrust:

In Thursday’s interview, Miss Las Vegas Crystal Wosik, who won the Miss Nevada title, was asked by one of the preliminary judges about the planned nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain.

Wosik replied, “It has to go someplace, and that was the best-built facility in the country,” Nevada’s state pageant director, Nancy Ames, told the Reno Gazette-Journal.

And if people die?

“We just have to take one for the team,” said contestant Wosik, according to Ames.

Wosik’s mom, an orthodontist assistant, said the interviewing process leaves no room ”for middle ground. You have to have strong beliefs, and they were putting her on the spot.”

“It’s a tragedy that we have nuclear waste, but it’s got to go somewhere. I’m sure she’ll get hate mail. I felt they should have been asking about education, not how she feels about strippers.”

Her daughter, a lyrical dancer who attends Orange Coast College near Los Angeles, chose cancer recovery as her platform after her brother Bradley, 19, was diagnosed with a rare bone disease three years ago. He is in remission.

Most lyrical dancers that I know have strong feelings about the possible link between nuclear waste and rare bone diseases and cancer and stuff.

As for the link between Yucca Mountain and strippers I guess Crysta’s mom was confused when they said they refered to Yucca Mountain as the “best built”.

That happens a lot….

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