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'Wicked' letters in the WingNutDaily mailbag

This is almost as good as Freeperville. You might remember the news I posted a couple of days ago about openly gay actor Chad Allen landing the dual role of a slain evangelical Christian missionary and his son in End of the Spear .

The casting sent the wingers into a tizzy — gasp — a homo playing the role of a religious person! They were shot down by the son of one of the missionaries portrayed in the film, Steve Saint. He endorsed Allen’s casting after reading an article in The Advocate, where Chad spoke about the importance of doing good works and serving others.

I thought this would be the end of it, but some WingNutDaily readers couldn’t let it go. Check out some of this mail, they get quite catty.

Christian lap dogs

The fact that a blatant homosexual is playing the famous missionary is a mockery. However, why have so many news outlets been strangely silent about the fact that women openly involved in pornography played significant roles in “The Passion”? Should not this fact be mentioned when discussing this latest film? Is not the movie industry playing Christians for little lap dogs who can’t wait to stand on their hind legs and yelp for the next doggie treat given to them by the big movie producers? Do they not secretly laugh when pornography queens play Christian women, and so many Christians are silent? Yes, they are willing to look the other way (i.e., stand on their hind legs) if they can actually have a big “Christian” movie.


Wicked and pagan

Once again, Hollywood has demonstrated its determination to take a story, which has been dear to the hearts of Christians for years, such as “Through Gates of Splendor,” and hijack it to promote their own wicked homosexual agenda.

Nate Saint, Jim Elliot and the other missionaries did not compromise in their commitment to bring the Gospel to people who were living in murderous pagan ignorance, even laying down their lives willingly to accomplish it. Jim Elliot was quoted as saying, “He is no fool who gives up that which he cannot keep, in order to gain that which he cannot lose.” Does this sound like the kind of man who would tolerate wicked pagan homosexuality to flourish in America, and even be accepted by Christians?

Any Christian who pays good money to see this wicked slander to the memory of these brave and honorable missionaries should be ashamed, and any “preacher” who endorsed it, should be immediately fired by his congregation.


WND gossipers

How truly annoying you are most of the time now. You are the ones making a bigger deal out of this actor’s role and activism. Who are you to swirl up the controversy when it may actually be God who wanted this young man involved? By stirring up the controversy you are showing the very worst side of Christianity.

I think the movie production company showed true Christianity when they overlooked this man’s lifestyle and cast him for the role. Jesus would do it. He would love him but set boundaries, and through that the man could be changed. But by your gossiping, you are making Christians seem worse.


Drop the sex!

I have been sadly disappointed in the attention WorldNetDaily has been giving to sex-related articles. It seems you are using the depravity of men to sell your own newssite.

I have had to remove your site from our favorites to keep my children from seeing inappropriate and distasteful news. It’s beginning to look like the Enquirer and tabloids at the check out stand at the grocery store.

After reading some of the really unhinged letters, I have to wonder what would these people think if they knew how many of their favorite stars, past and present, are big old homos?

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Pam Spaulding