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Kaine: 'not comfortable with language' but will sign amendment anyway

If this statement is supposed to take the heat off of the Virginia governor, his shill is sorely mistaken. I see the PR weasel is squirming and Tim Kaine is desperately trying to have it both ways, soothing the bigots and trying to get the gays off his back.

Let’s see, if Tim Kaine doesn’t like the language of the current marriage amendment making its way to his desk, but will sign it anyway, what is the point of blowing this hot air? Your legislature is going to send it to you, Tim, and you could decide not to sign it, but that’s not politically palatable is it? All the efforts in the legislature designed to limit the scope of the amendment were defeated. You’re on your own.

Unless, of course, the governor is planning on engaging his state’s Senate before it takes the final vote to send it to him. Highly unlikely, as Kaine is counting on raising his national profile during the SOTU response as a “new face of the Democratic party.”

The Senate’s ballot language, by the way, prohibits anything that “approximates marriage,” so it’s pretty muddy and broad territory, vague enough to leave gay Virginians twisting in the wind. Kaine is already on the record opposing same-sex marriage and civil unions, so it’s pretty ridiculous at this point for him to suggest there is something about the amendment’s scope he objects to.

These games about what he’s “comfortable with” are not going to change the fact that Kaine’s about to let the voters of his state relegate its gay citizens to second-class status. You hate it, you own it, Tim. (WashBlade):

“He was not comfortable with [the current amendment] language,” said Kaine spokeswoman Delacey Skinner. “He preferred language that was not as broad.”

…Skinner told the Washington Blade for reports earlier this week and in today’s print edition that Kaine supported the amendment. She did not mention his reservations about the scope of the language.

Kaine, a Democrat sworn into office just this week, agrees with the first line of the amendment, which limits marriage to a man and woman, but does not support the additional language, she said. Kaine wants to discuss measures “to make sure people can still be able to contract with each other,” Skinner said.

Further down in the article, the bottom line is that spineless elected officials are not willing to take the heat to oppose this hate amendment because they are afraid a “no” vote would have been interpreted as endorsing gay marriage. So, for their cowardice, a host of hurdles and lack of legal protections await gays and lesbians in Virginia, many of which have already been experienced in Ohio, which passed an amendment last year.

Stacy Ruble of the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance said some Ohio domestic violence activists, often on the advice of prosecutors and courts, don’t even bring unmarried victims to court anymore.

“I can see it happening here,” she said. “It could be those people are turned away. They wouldn’t have protections.”

Legislators are sympathetic to her group’s arguments, but fear that voting against the amendment will be seen as an endorsement of gay marriage, Ruble said.

Gay and lesbian couples already have difficulty finding courts that will provide protective orders in domestic violence cases, she said. If the amendment is approved in November, the few jurisdictions and judges that do offer protections will likely stop, she predicted. Ruble declined to name the jurisdictions because she feared they could be targeted.

Yes, Tim — you’re the Democratic Party’s best representativeto deliver its 2006 message of inclusiveness” after Bush’s State of the Union address, “representing all Americans from all walks of life.”

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