Blame it on the kids

As we suspected, serial masturbator John Hinderaker poked his creepy head out of George Bush’s crotch for a few minutes in order to post about…a beauty contest…. Again.

The Miss America pageant has suffered a bit of a come-down, and departed the networks this year for Country Music Television. The pageant tried to spruce itself up by moving to Las Vegas and putting on a more contemporary swimsuit competition. There is, of course, a certain tension between being a beauty pageant and being a scholarship program, which is how Miss America has billed itself in recent years.

In any event, Jennifer Berry, Miss Oklahoma, won the title tonight, rather predictably.

I guess it was ‘predictable’, if you’re some kind of aficionado of Miss America pageants, which is apparently the domain of the midwestern teenaged girl demographic that John aspires to:

Personally, I liked the less-tall-and-skinny Miss Georgia, who played the piano well and turned out to be the first runner-up:

On the whole, my teenage daughters–the core audience for televised beauty pageants–thought it was a good event. Maybe next year it will be back on one of the networks.

Yeah, John. Nothing can possibly be more fun for a teenaged girl than to spend Saturday evening watching a beauty pageant with her dad as he shifts uncomfortably in his seat attempting to hide his ‘enthusiasm’.

From a previous post:

I actually didn’t know it was going on until I walked into the library and found my daughters cheering on Miss North Carolina. This isn’t surprising; as the commercials last night demonstrated, beauty pageants are watched overwhelmingly by women.

You see, it’s not like he wants to watch them, he just keeps walking in at inopportune times ….and there they are!

If the Academy Awards is the Super Bowl for gays, then the Miss America Pageant must be NASCAR for midwestern pervs.

Fellow Power Tool Scott joins in the the jerkathon.

I wonder if these guys ever shake hands when they get together…

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