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Here's the AgapePress spin on the Easter Egg Roll dustup

Oh this is too funny. What a bunch of freaks.

A spokesman for a Protestant renewal organization warns that homosexual activists are planning to crash a traditional Easter event at the White House this year. Mark Tooley with the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) says the pro-homosexual religious group Soulforce and the Family Pride Coalition are teaming up in an effort to fill the White House lawn with as many “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families” as possible at the annual Easter Egg Roll on April 17.

…”Soulforce is a lobby effort to persuade America’s churches to abandon their scriptural teachings about homosexuality,” Tooley explains. He says the group’s members frequently resort to “very radical demonstrations, acts of civil disobedience, and even arrests in order to gain attention and make their political point about demanding acceptance of homosexual behavior within Christianity.”

* White House responds to LGBT families attending the Easter Egg Roll


While I was on the AFA’s “news” site, I thought I’d post the latest eruption on Brokeback.

The American Family Association’s director of research says after the release of the film Brokeback Mountain, he expects Hollywood will be bolder than ever in its promotion of homosexual causes. The movie, which chronicles a homosexual relationship between two sheepherders in rural Wyoming in the 1960s and 1970s, received four Golden Globe awards this past week, and several critics predict it will garner Oscar honors as well.

But AFA’s Ed Vitagliano, who recently screened the film, describes it as a boring movie with no real plot — but with a clear agenda. “This movie is the latest in a series of movies that Hollywood has put out which promote the homosexual agenda,” the researcher says. “The disturbing difference in this movie is that it has explicit homosexual acts and is, I think definitely, aimed at the heart of the viewers to drum up sympathy for that lifestyle.” The movie opened in limited release in metropolitan areas with large numbers of homosexual residents. Vitagliano believes the recent media blitz for the pro-homosexual movie is a sign of Hollywood’s true agenda.

I don’t remember seeing any “explicit” scenes in this movie. What on earth is he talking about? Maybe he confused the movie with the fantasies that he was experiencing.

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