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White House responds to LGBT families attending the Easter Egg Roll

[UPDATE: A commenter asked who was the reporter at the briefing who asked the slanted question. WingNutDaily’s Len Kinsolving says it was someone from that outfit, not indicating it was himself or someone else representing WND.]

PageOneQ has the latest mishmash coming out of Scotty McClellan’s mouth, since he was asked about the plan by the Family Pride Coalition to have LGBT families line up to participate for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. It’s not a protest; folks are just going to queue up with the rest of the public.

Look at this loaded question from a reporter at the briefing.

Scott, …There’s been extensive reporting of a homosexual group, Soulforce, calling on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual and transgender Americans to be the first in line at this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll on April 17th, as a way to show the nation their so-called families. And my question: Will the President take any measures to prevent these activists from using this non-political event as a way to push their agenda on the rest of us?

McLellan responded:

Well, this event is a time to celebrate Easter and to have a good family celebration here at the White House. And in terms of any other details about it, I think it’s still a few months off, so we’ll talk about it as we get closer. I’ve seen a couple of reports about it; I don’t know how extensive that reporting has been. But this has been a family event for a long time and the President always looks forward to this event.

The main issue is whether the White House, in an effort to stop gay families from participating, will make the event invitation-only.

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