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This guy should hook up with "the Dean"

Saving young conservative minds, one at a time.

The Green Knight takes a torch to the ass of whiny baby wingnut Andrew Jones of the Bruin Alumni Association, which has launched a nifty campaign to expose UCLA’s “30 most radical professors,” who are allegedly brainwashing young minds with extreme left-wing political views.

The BAA (nice how that represents the sound of the sheeple), has launched a web site,, that lists the “dirty 30.” is a long-term project dedicated to exposing UCLA’s most radical professors. The extensively researched profiles you will find here are proof of an increasingly radical faculty. As a large number of the profiles also demonstrate, these professors are actively proselytizing their extreme views in the classroom, whether or not the commentary is relevant to the class topic. The result for students is nothing less than a debased education.

The Green Knight:

Let’s see how much he’s suffered at the hands of those Evil Marxist ProfessorsTM, shall we? Checking out his web page, we can see that he graduated with a degree in Political Science; thus, he seems to have kept his right-wing beliefs intact. This doesn’t say much for the indoctrinating powers of the Evil Marxist Professors TM does it? His advisory board seems to be a pretty well-connected bunch, including Linda Chavez, so I’m thinking he won’t be lacking for money any time soon. In fact, he seems to be making an entire career, and a pretty prosperous one, out of complaining about his alma mater. That’s probably the point. God forbid he should get a real job, after all.

I’m waiting for BAA to call in clown “Dean” Christopher Flickinger of the Network of College Conservatives to give “Liberal Academia Its Final Exam.”

“So, how can we expect Americans, who have been brainwashed for years by leftwing educators, to embrace conservative philosophies when all they’ve been taught are liberal ideologies?

“The Dean” is on a one-man mission (I guess it’s now a two-man mission, with Andy setting up shop) to save young conservative minds.

The mission of the Network of College Conservatives is to educate, inform, expose and counter the liberal bias on college campuses throughout America. The N.C.C. will offer students an advanced and manifold educational experience based on conservative thoughts, views and opinions. It will inform students of liberal and conservative activities taking place on campuses across the nation, as well as keeping conservative students aware of the liberal establishment that permeates our institutions of higher learning and its tools of indoctrination.

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Pam Spaulding