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Democrats: the 'baby talk' and incompetence continues

Nancy Goldstein‘s latest column at The Raw Story illustrates perfectly why the Democrats are running out of time to fix their incoherent, uncoordinated message and organization into anything viable. They cannot expect to gain power by waiting for the Republicans to self-destruct, but based on the Dems pontificating with empty questions and empty threats of filibuster at the Alito hearings, they are in big trouble.

Effective immediately, the Democrats will be known as the lyin’-ass boyfriend party – the perfect date for progressive voters looking to be stood up, bullshitted blind, or left holding the tab.

For five years now it’s been “Please baby, baby, baby, please! I’m sorry I was a no-show last time, but hey, that was because I was working overtime to save up to do something extra special for next time, which is the really big event – right, baby?”

Nancy points out the consistency in message and discipline of Newt Gingrich’s “Republican Revolution” and the “Contract with America,” is something sorely lacking in Harry Reid’s leadership, and it’s costing Dems.

…Gingrich was a consummate strategist who grasped the power of talking points and framing very early on, and got his party to step in time: “We’ve got to start talking about a conservative opportunity society replacing the liberal welfare state. Bang that language into your head. Use it every night. Use the same words and pretty soon it will permeate to the American people,” Gingrich said. And even though not all his colleagues liked him, they were sick of losing, so they gritted their teeth and did it.

By contrast, anyone who tuned into the Alito hearings witnessed an incoherent Democratic party in utter disarray – a virtual parody of a drawing room comedy with Kennedy as the slightly disheveled elder statesman with a taste for whiskey, Schumer as the earnest young bounder with a taste for power, and Biden as the crazy, delusional nephew who thinks he’s Napoleon.

Gingrich and his crew had an eye to the next generation, and were willing to bypass seniority in favor of hunger and talent when appointing committee chairs. By contrast, political ascendancy in the Democratic Party still operates like the succession of kings. Howard Dean and Barack Obama, who would be treated as rising stars in any functional organization, are kept under lock and key. Dean’s only allowed out to raise money and take flack from the same Democrats who have been steering the party into a ditch for nearly a decade, and Obama’s only allowed out to criticize Dean.

Excellent stuff in this edition, Nancy. Folks, go read the rest.

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Pam Spaulding