Pre-Friday Random Ten

Building a stairway to oblivion 

He Was A Friend of Mine – The Byrds
Good Times Bad Times – Led Zeppelin
Tom Courtenay – Yo La Tengo
What’s Happening Brother – Marvin Gaye
Black Dog – Led Zeppelin
Half Acre – Hem
Special – Garbage
This Red Book – Pinback
Nuclear War (Version 1) – Yo La Tengo
Twilight – Elliott Smith

Bonus #11

Yo La Tengo again – The River of Water.

I’ve been doing this for well over a year now and I’ve never had a Zepplin song show up before that I can remember even though I have the entire catalog downloaded. I’m not even a Zep fan, although I grew up during their heyday. In fact I never owned one of their albums (ask your parents what that is) until they closed The Wherehouse stores in San Diego a few years ago and they had this big clearance sale with this box set marked down to $49 and I figured, ‘what the hell’.

Later I discovered that “A big legged woman ain’t got no soul.”

I did not know that.

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