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Malkin Takes a Dive

 Although Michelle Malkin’s blog has been around for much longer than the relatively new Crooks and Liars, according to Technorati C&L just passed her for number 8 spot in the most popular blogs list among the 25.4 million they track. That is just amazing, considering John Amato does it without benefit of wingnut welfare, think tank-sponsored book deals, columns syndicated to the functionally illiterate or a general willingness to spout fascist gibberish and turn himself into a rodeo clown for the cable news freak shows.

John is a class act, a true innovator and an immeasurable asset to the lefty blogosphere. I called my broker the other day and the girl who answered the phone said "oh my gosh! I saw your name on Crooks & Liars, that’s awesome." He draws people into the blogosphere we otherwise wouldn’t reach, and he’s one of the big reasons the left leaning side of our aisle is growing while the wingers stay static.

Stop by and congratulate John and let him know how much you appreciate the fact that he just kicked Malkin’s ass.

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Jane Hamsher

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