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Let's hear more about the CWA 'Sex Pyramid'

The Dr. Ruth of the bible-beating set, Janice Crouse.

What is a Sex Pyramid? You’ll have to ask Janet Crouse of CWA about that; but I don’t thing it will have much to do with sex or pleasure, adult toys or same-sex encounters — otherwise our penis-possessing CWA friend Bob Knight would be all over that. (AgapePress):

Dr. Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America (CWA) is commending First Lady Laura Bush for her passionate support of a woman’s right to choose abstinence as an effective means of preventing sexually transmitted infections. During a recent trip to Africa, Mrs. Bush has encouraged young women to exercise their right to abstain from sex, especially in light of the HIV/AIDS epidemic that is wreaking havoc among the populaces of so many countries across the continent.

Crouse, CWA’s senior fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute, is a former U.S. delegate to the United Nations and is among CWA’s representatives at the U.N. She is also the creator of the “Sex Pyramid,” a resource for parents to use in talking with their children about sex, and author of a weekly column about sex and society for United Press International. Crouse says Laura Bush should be applauded “for taking a stand for abstinence” and supporting the president’s policy on that issue. “She has offered hope and encouragement to many young girls in Africa,” the CWA spokeswoman adds. “By taking a bold stand for women’s rights,” Crouse contends, “Mrs. Bush has helped girls realize that their lives do have value, and that they deserve the utmost respect.”

OK, I sullied my browser and headed over to the CWA site to see what this Sex Pyramid was about. Here you go

Let me offer a simple, effective lesson in how parents can talk with their children about sex. Here is a “sex pyramid” similar to the familiar “food pyramid,” which gives a hierarchy of balanced nutrition. The “sex pyramid” provides a “roadmap” for parents to talk about the hierarchy of elements in sexuality.

At the top of the sex pyramid is the mechanics of the sexual act — the “birds and bees” aspect. This actually should receive the least attention because it is the easiest part of sexual interaction to explain and understand, though, ironically, comprehensive sex education tends to focus on the biology of sexuality rather than the foundation on which sex is built. Ideally, though in our sex-saturated culture it gets harder and harder, each couple needs to “discover” sex on their own. Wise parents will focus on the foundational aspects of the sex pyramid throughout their offspring’s childhood and, at the appropriate time, give accurate and complete biological information. During the dating years, parents should be available for counsel, as requested.

…These adults need to plainly say, “The best choice for you is to remain abstinent until marriage and to be faithful within marriage.” Those choices lead to the greatest well-being in life – as well as the greatest sexual happiness. The hand of Divine Providence has ordained it thus.

Have at it, y’all.

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