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Crap journalism exhibit A, courtesy Peter Baker of the WaPo:

White House Disputes Gore on NSA Spying

"…The ACLU said that because of their work, the plaintiffs "have a well-founded belief that their communications are being intercepted by the NSA" but offered no evidence."

Responsible, non-stenographic journalism, courtesy Jonathan S. Landay of Knight Ridder:

Legal challenges to NSA eavesdropping filed

…She acknowledged that she had no "direct evidence" her clients were monitored.

Several legal scholars said the Justice Department probably would demand the cases be dismissed because the suits are based on suspicions – not proof – that the plaintiffs have been targeted.

In order for such cases to have standing in court, judges require plaintiffs to show that their rights were infringed by the government’s conduct, something that will be difficult to demonstrate with the NSA program because it’s top secret.

No wonder big wingnut bucks are being thrown around trying to shut Knight-Ridder up. Will Bunch does an excellent job of following this story.

And if anyone wants to photoshop up a set of logo kneepads for the WaPo, I really think they need ’em.

(thanks to reader Susan N.)

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