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Michael Ledeen (who is a close personal friend of Roger Simon-the-man-who-created-Moses-Wine) further implicated in fake Yellow Cake documents.

A controversial neoconservative who occasionally consulted for the Bush Defense Department has confirmed that he was a contributor to the Italian magazine Panorama, whose reporter first came across forged documents which purported that Iraq was seeking to obtain uranium from Niger.

The bogus documents became the basis for the infamous sixteen words in President Bush’s 2003 State of the Union Address, in which he detailed his case for war. Their origin has been one of the most persistent mysteries in how American intelligence on Iraq was so wrong.

In an email to RAW STORY, occasional Bush foreign affairs advisor Michael Ledeen confirmed that he was, “several years ago,” a regular contributor to Panorama. Leeden would not provide more specificity.

It gets a bit more tangled after that.

Perhaps Mr. Ledeen could take a few days off from orchestrating the next phase in Iran to contact some of his buddies at Panorama and clarify a few of the questions that the Raw Story proposes.

Naw, he’ll probably delegate it to his bitch, Cliff May.

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