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Poor Clarence Thomas, can’t even get respect from the lowest hanging fruit of the wingnut tree:

The Democratic Party has destroyed the concept of advice and consent and turned it into a platform for attacking the their political opponents in particular and the president in general quite regardless of any nominee. The Senate Democrats had no intention to hear from Judge Alito and no intention to deliberate on his fitness for the Supreme Court. Their minds were already made up by their far left supporters because of the money those Lobbyists supplied to them and their campaigns.

This all might sound harsh, but it really isn’t. Few Supreme Court nominees since the day we formed the Republic have received as stiff a resistance at the hands of Democrats as did Judge Bork (in the 80’s), Judge Roberts (a few months ago in 2005), and now Judge Alito; all nominees by Republican President

Yes, we remember the absolute grilling that John Roberts received as opposed to Clarence the Porn Clown.

By the way, if you enjoy the pithy literary stylings of Warner Todd Houston, (further examples):

This wasn’t just the Republicans of the 1990’s being “nice,” though, but an observance of the tradition that a president should get the nominee that he wishes to place on the court, barring that the nominee is especially egregious.

Up to this point you could chalk my view here all up to my own political partisanship, granted.

I feel I must take further pains to note that Judge Aldisert was a partisan Democrat in his earlier days. This man, sponsored by some of the biggest names in the Democratic Party of the 1960’s and later, was able to make his partisanship take a back seat to his seat and duties on the bench. And, despite all the caterwauling by today’s Senate Democrats, there is no evidence what-so-sever that Judge Alito would do any different than did Judge Aldisert.

Alito was apparently a great judge to these Democrats not but a few years ago.

They have made it, and the Senate itself for that matter, into a mockery.

…he is available as a “freelance writer and graphic designer. His work ranges from historical essays to popular culture and has been published in several magazines and on many websites.”

I’m sure he’s also available for your weekend Civil War reenactment. Providing the South gets to win this time…

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