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Late Nite FDL: Kate Circles the Drain


I had hoped to have something else for everyone tonight, but alas it will not be until tomorrow. It’s a good one though, if everything comes together I think you’ll like it.

In the mean time, let’s just enjoy dancing on Kate’s grave. She dropped to 120 today on Amazon and is sinking like a rock. Which in a way is kind of sad, I had a whole lot more weapons in my arsenal that I was all ready to use but alas they do not seem to be needed. Inertia is pulling her sales, like her prom-queen visage, ever downward. I guess I will just have to save them for the next round, ‘cos we’re not done with Kate. Not by a long shot.

Wingnuts are bullies but they are (as we well know) roving chickenshits, they travel in packs. It’s like that rich kid in the Wedding Crashers who thinks he’s a badass because his friends hold a guy down while he wails on them. Single one out and they’re pissing themselves. If you have a scattershot approach where everyone gets sprayed it is largely ineffective, but if you separate one from the group and make an example of them — a cautionary tale to the others, so to speak — your volley is much more effective.

They want to strike back? Bring it. Love to have the traffic. Because unlike the Corner where they apparently rescue people from eating lead-based paint off the walls, put them in front of a computer and subsidize their deep forays into Herbert Spencer scholarship, we have advertisers. I’m going to guess they will not be sending anyone with a book coming out. Nobody quite that brave.

I hear hairless troll doll Mark Levin is seething. Considering he is yet another wignut welfare-subsidized ink slinger, it really makes the whole thing worth it right there, don’t you think?

Update: GSD, from the comments:

By the way, for Kate O’Beirne to somehow imply that she wasn’t getting "kick me" posters slapped on her back and not spending lots of lonely high school nights watching Dobie Gillis all alone and sneaking off to rub up against the washing machine on an off-load is high comedy.

Just so they’ll see it.

Update II: TBogg: "It’s nice to see Kate going down faster than Pam from Atlas Shrugs at a PJM get together."

(graphic courtesy Corrado)

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