Making the PJM launch look like Yalta

We call this one, “Liberals are defeatists”… Posted by Picasa

Twenty-one months in the making. Coming soon: Blogging Man 2007

2007 Speakers

Hugh Hewitt
Bio coming soon!

Pamela aka “Atlas”
Bio coming soon!

Adam Graham
Bio coming soon!

John Armor
For almost 11 years John Armor has written a weekly column on the Net, first on his own blog in the name of “the More (er) Less Honorable Congressman Billybob from Western Carolina.” Lately, he’s been picked up for more than two years on a leading national blog, www.ChronWatch.com. You can find two years of his columns on law and politics there.
Full Bio

Warner Todd Huston
Bio coming soon!

Peter and Helen Evans
Bio coming soon!

Richard Disney
Bio coming soon!

Jay Stephenson
Bio coming soon!

Chris Adamo
Chris Adamo is a Senior Program Director and Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance Inc., a national coalition of writers, journalists, and grass-roots media outlets.
Full Bio

Sharon Hughes
Sharon Hughes is host of Changing Worldviews TALK Radio, an interview format show originating from San Francisco, California, and one of the few conservative radio shows in America hosted by a woman. Taking you to the frontlines and behind the scenes, Sharon is gracious yet hard-hitting on the most critical issues of our day, such as the war on terror, education, bioethics, the Middle East, media bias and more. Her guests have included Candidates, Senators and other government leaders, public policy and pro-family experts, authors and journalists, doctors and religious leaders – Protestant, Catholic and Jew. Sharon has interviewed such guests as David Horowitz, Gary Aldrich, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Michelle Malkin, Jayna Davis, Phyllis Schlafly, Joseph Farah, Edwin Black and many others. An advocate for the innocent, the persecuted and our troops, Sharon continually encourages her listeners to boldly support the right and expose the wrong.

With a lineup like that, the sponsors should be lining up.

Okay. Maybe not.

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A – $25,000
B – $18,000
Gold Sponsor
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– 6 tickets
Price: $10,000

Maybe you should spring for the Econo-package:

Blogger Sponsorships
– Logo space on Event website sponsor sub page
– Blog listed on the event “Wall of Blogs” in main conference room
Price: $20.00 plus placement of event banner on Blog no later than 03-01-07

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Personally I’m excited about the traditional burning of the rhetorical straw man at the closing ceremonies.

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