He would have wanted it that way

A lingering painful death? Where do I sign up? Posted by Picasa

Tony Perkins:

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the federal laws now on the books don’t permit the Bush administration to block Oregon doctors from helping terminally ill patients kill themselves.

But will Congress react to the court’s ruling by passing a law to give the Bush administration the power to stop assisted suicide?

In the hours after the court’s ruling Tuesday, some social conservatives urged Congress to act: “It is entirely appropriate for Congress to revise the Controlled Substances Act to make clear that federally-regulated drugs may not be used to facilitate state-sanctioned assisted suicide,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, a social conservative group with clout in Republican ranks.

On behalf of those of us who would like to leave this mortal coil peacefully with a modicum of dignity, might I just say to Tony Perkins:

Mind your own business and fuck off.

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