Cronyism: After Dark

Our Heckuva Job, Brownie! Award goes to Professor Glenn Reynolds who waited until late last night to plug the coverage of the American Film Renaissance festival by Pajamas Mediocrity on his MSNBC.com blog:

Last week I posted on the American Film Renaissance festival in Hollywood. It went on this weekend, with showings of several documentaries, including Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh’s film on Islam in Europe, Submission, which led to van Gogh’s murder at the hands of a terrorist.

The Pajamas Media blog collective — of which I’m a part — was there, and has posted lots of coverage of the festival at its Mondo Hollywood site, including video interviews with Gary Sinise, who has a charity underway to help Iraqi kids, Patricia Heaton, who showed a documentary of her own, and festival founder Jim Hubbard. Blogger Roger Simon was there, too, and has posted reports of his own.

Then Reynolds throws in a few technology/blogosphere/changing markets boilerplate to make it look like he’s doing some work:

The barriers are coming down, and the world of film is opening up. I think that people will have a lot more choices in the near future. Technology, the Internet, and market forces are opening up a lot of worlds that used to be closed.

Okay, MSNBC. Make that check out to Glenn (with two ‘n’s) Reynolds……

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