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Speaking of Speaking Up…

Crooks and Liars has excerpts from last night’s 60 Minutes appearance by Congressman Jack Murtha. Clearly his plain-spoken, real world credibility and actual, honest military service is scaring the bejeebers out of the Preznit and his merry band of cronies, because the Swiftboating kicked into high gear this past week in a preemptive character assassination attempt. (Jane covered it here, here, here and here, in case you’ve missed it.)

CBS has a full transcript and video of the interview up here.

Oh, and the news media? MSNBC is finally getting around to showing some Al Gore speech footage at 2:20 pm ET. By my count, it was a whole 10 second clip. Woooo…I feel so well informed by this incredibly balanced coverage. Especially since they’ve moved on to a substantial piece on Natalie Holloway now. Enlightening, no?

UPDATE: Crooks and Liars has video highlight excerpts up from the Gore speech. And C-Span has the full video here from its coverage.

UPDATE #2: NYTimes has coverage on the Gore speech here. (Via War and Piece.)

photo: Brian Long

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