It’s almost as if liberals have overtaken Hollywood

Homos, transexuals, anti-Big Oil, anti-Big Pharma, drug addicts….oh my! Posted by Picasa

Break out the laudanum for the Virgin Bens and the Jason Apuzzos and Michael Medveds. If the Hollywood Press even knew who they were (or cared), one might say that they just got the big middle finger:

The cowboy romance “Brokeback Mountain” led the Golden Globes on Monday with four prizes, including best dramatic film and the directing honor for Ang Lee.

It was a triumphant night for films dealing with homosexuality and transsexuality. Along with the victories for “Brokeback Mountain,” acting honors went to Felicity Huffman in a gender-bending role as a man preparing for sex-change surgery in “Transamerica” and Philip Seymour Hoffman as gay author Truman Capote in “Capote.”


George Clooney, who was among the directing nominees for “Good Night, and Good Luck,” won the supporting-actor Globe for the oil-industry thriller “Syriana” and Rachel Weisz earned the supporting-actress prize for the murder thriller “The Constant Gardener.”

“Syriana” spins a convoluted story of multiple characters caught up in a web of deceit, greed, corruption and power-brokering over Middle Eastern oil supplies. Clooney plays a fiercely devoted CIA undercover agent who comes to question his country’s actions in the region.

Tomorrow we can expect the conservo-cineastes to make much ado about Joaquin Phoenix winning for portraying Johnny Cash as they try to paint Cash as Roy Rogers in black while ignoring (or in their case, being oblivious to) his real story.

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