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Will he issue a fatwa against Tony Manero?

“She likes John Travolta, who is dancing and moving his stomach as quick as the – as I don’t know what – and she likes that because if he was wearing the proper dress which has been imposed on him by Muslims she wouldn’t even think about him.”

— nutty radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza on Travolta’s evil influence on women

I’m not sh*tting you. Has he seen the present-day, paunchier Travolta moving his stomach? That — or his appearance in Battlefield Earth — would not be a sexy sight .

Abu Hamza, the Muslim cleric, told his followers that John Travolta’s dancing posed a danger to their daughters, a court was told yesterday.

The Hollywood actor was at the centre of an anti-West sermon by Hamza, who also told his audience to rob and steal from non-believers.

I like the added instruction to rob from non-believers. Hey, our home-grown fundies are doing their best to rob us of our rights and freedoms.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding