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The Naked Lies of Deborah Howell

For those like Deborah Howell who prove overly anxious to disseminate the Ken Mehlman-generated lie that Abramoff encouraged the Indian tribes to give money to Democrats as well as Republicans, AltHippo provides this informative link to Bloomberg:

Abramoff”s tribal clients continued to give money to Democrats even after he began representing them, although in smaller percentages than in the past.

The Saginaw Chippewas gave $500,500 to Republicans between 2001 and 2004 and $277,210 to Democrats, according to a review of data compiled by Dwight L. Morris & Associates, a Bristow, Virginia-based company that tracks campaign-finance reports. Between 1997 and 2000, the tribe gave just $158,000 to Republicans and $279,000 to Democrats.

Jack Abramoff was a Republican crook who did his level best to funnel every last dime to other Republican crooks. If he could have cut the Democrats off completely from Indian money he no doubt would have.

The Republican crooks decided the time was ripe to rip off the Indians via Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed and and the "family values" crowd that "games morality as an industry," as Wampum declared it. They were not the slightest bit interested in sharing their ill-gotten bootie with the Democrats.

If anyone wants to send their regards to Deborah or her bosses, the party’s here.

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