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Murtha smear by news service connected to Gannon

Please. It’s tiring connecting the dots between these front organizations that purportedly “report” things they call “facts.”

This time it’s Jack Murtha getting “Swift Boated” by Cybercast News Service, a shill organization that is little more than a mouthpiece for GOPUSA. (WaPo):

Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.), the former Marine who is an outspoken critic of the war in Iraq, has become the latest Democrat to have his Vietnam War decorations questioned.

…Cybercast is part of the conservative Media Research Center, run by L. Brent Bozell III, who accused some in the media of ignoring the Swift Boat charges, but Thibault said it operates independently. He said the unit, formerly called the Conservative News Service, averages 110,000 readers, mainly conservative, and provides material for other Web sites such as GOPUSA. “We won’t run anything against anybody if we don’t have the goods,” he said.

GOPUSA is headed by Bobby Eberle, a “conservative news, information, and design company dedicated to promoting conservative ideals.”

Eberle also headed Talon News, the news service James T. Guckert, aka Jeff Gannon, aka $200/hour rent boy “Bulldog” worked for. [See Media Matters, What is Talon News, and why does it have press credentials? for more background.]

You may recall that The Raw Story recently reported that the softball-question-throwing cub reporter’s publisher is running for Vice Chair of the Texas GOP.

The GOP operative and conservative website owner who hired a onetime prostitute to cover the White House has decided to run for the vice chairmanship of the Republican Party of Texas, RAW STORY has learned.

Jeff Gannon, a $200-an-hour gay male escort, resigned from Eberle’s Talon News last February after pictures and stories emerged which revealed that he once toiled as a gay male prostitute. Eberle shut down the news site shortly thereafter, although his satellite Website remains active.

The Raw Story article by John Byrne is full of choice nuggets about Eberle, who seems to be trying to shore up his name recognition within the party.

Is it me, or does Bobby seem so…metrosexual in that pic? Gawd, this story just doesn’t quit. I just wonder what all of this is really about.

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Hat tip, Americablog

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