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Sentence for OH bigot: jail or attend black church

Judge William Mallory Jr.gave racist dolt Brett Haines the choice – Haines chose church.

This dude was drunk and threatened to punch a black cab driver and his wife, yelling racial slurs and saying he hated black people, so the judge offered some innovative punishment. (

The Anderson Township man, convicted of disorderly conduct, immediately chose six weeks of Sunday worship over 30 days in the Hamilton County Justice Center.

…Haines, who was accused of using racial slurs and threatening a black cab driver, must attend services at a predominantly black church. “It seems readily apparent to me that you don’t like black people,” Judge William Mallory Jr. told Haines. “That’s OK with me. But you have to understand that you are at the whim and authority of a black judge.”

That’s when Mallory offered church as an alternative sentence, an option he said might broaden Haines’ cultural awareness. “If you want to get out of jail, you’re going to have to raise your black consciousness,” the judge said.

While this is an interesting sociological exercise, akin to offering a person convicted of DUI a highly visible tag on their car saying something like “I am a convicted drunk driver” instead of time in the can, this is a questionable church-state action.

Mallory indicated he was concerned about this, and Haines was asked if the church option offended his beliefs – duh. Who wouldn’t pick sitting in a black church for a few Sundays to avoid incarceration? I certainly don’t think it’s going to change this man’s views of black people – or discourage him from drinking to excess.

Hat tip Holly.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding